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Mom's Care Plan

Why use Mom's Care Plan?

BECAUSE your personal eldercare advisor can:

  • Assess your needs
  • Provide appropriate care options
  • Share community resources
  • Assist with long term care referrals solutions
  • Be your GO TO person for all eldercare information

How does it work?

Your edercare advisor will:

Step 1: Conduct a non-intrusive assessment by phone

Questions will cover topics relevant to your loved one’s health and living situation, including safety, memory, depression, diet, everyday activities, finances, insurance, benefits and your primary concerns for their well being.

The assessment with your eldercare advisor can be done with one or more family members, typically with whoever has power of attorney or guardianship.

Step 2: Customize a Care Plan

A Care Plan includes suggestions and referrals for local living and care options.  Your advisor will discuss at length details of the plan, why particular suggestions are being offered, what to do now, what you can expect, and what happens next.

Things like falls, monitoring medications that are not being taken in the right doses or on time and daily diet (particularly for someone who is diabetic) are of immediate concern.  Other things like personal hygiene, socialization and comfort are important to health and well-being and should be carefully watched. However, they are usually not emergency issues. You’re advisor will help you to prioritize!

Step 3:  Routine Check-in’s

Your Care Plan will include regular follow up’s.  As time goes by needs can change and more care or assistance may be required.

A case in point would be someone experiencing early to moderate memory loss.  The progression and severity of memory loss varies from one person to another. Some seniors can remain at home with minimal assistance for a long time but maybe 6 months to a year later they are no longer safe.  A perfect example would be leaving the stove on, opening the door to strangers, vulnerability to scam artists or solicitors, walking out and forgetting how to go back home and so much more.  Your advisor will be ready to address new concerns and make revisions to your care plan if necessary.

Step 4: Provide service options:

Your eldercare advisor will provide information on services, resources and communities or care environments.

Mom’s Care Plan is local and uniquely connected in the community.  We can put you in touch with the right people, and can get things done quickly.   We are experienced and familiar with the senior living and care providers throughout greater Houston. Along with the knowledge we’ve gained in our 15 years of experience and feedback from the families we’ve helped, we have a great understanding of their history and reputations.  The value in this itself allows us to direct you to the most appropriate places, providers and resources while eliminating the guesswork.


This is usually the part where you would receive a bill for geriatric care type management.  The best thing about MOM’S CARE PLAN is that we are a FREE service to families as we are compensated by senior living communities throughout Texas.

Mom’s Care Plan is a FREE service to families as we are compensated by senior living communities throughout Houston Texas.

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