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Mom's Care Plan
Family Letters

I learned of Mom's Care Plan from my husband's doctor. My husband had an accidental fall and sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and short term memory loss. His daughter wanted him to be seen at the Jim Nance Alzheimer's Clinic.  He was seen and it was determined that he did not have Alzheimer's.  The doctor put me in touch with Mom's Care Plan to find the best place for him. With the roller coaster ride that I had been on for the last year, I certainly needed someone's help.  My husband is not in a commercial setting and he gets a lot of individual care.  Mom's Care Plan has returned phone calls both day and night which gives me great comfort. They have been wonderful at staying in touch with me and making sure that everything is all right. I am grateful for the care my husband is receiving. C. Jones

Thank you both for your commitment and the honor that you have shown regarding this uncomfortable situation.  I haven't met too many individudals like you in recent history!  Your personalities are inspiring.  Thank you, again, for your kindness and for helping my mother.  Donna McDonald

Mom's New Home in Kingwood : First class service. Donna asked for my needs and found my 92 year old mother the best place. Could not have found the right location without her. Thank you.   George Balser

My mom needed to move from the assisted living faciility where she lived to a personal care home where she would receive more individualized care.  I was limited with time and resources but Karen did not hesitate to jump right in to provide me with places and when one didn't work, she kept trying. She did find one for us that turned out to be the right one and we are so pleased!   Karen Maness

I can not thank Mom's Care Plan enough for calling me on a Saturday and giving me direction and SO much information.  As our parents age and grown children step in to help with medical issues, many questions arise.  Mom's Care Plan has the information to put you on the right track and put your mind at ease.  Thank you so very much. You truly have a gracious heart!  Karen Pichotta

Good morning Donna, no need to look any further.  My grandma is now a resident of HTL personal care home as of Saturday evening. You are an angel and it was amazing how you learned my grandmother's character from our love for her and found the perfect place for her to spend her life.  We can't thank you enough for bringing these beautiful people into our lives. Angela Becerra

Thank you so much for being there.  I was in a desperate situation with my great uncle and needed to find home placement. Donna was patient, knowledgeable and fast.  My great uncle was placed in a wonderful facility within a week of me contacting her.  Thank you.  Katrina Williams

My dad had a stroke about two months ago.  Within the blink of an eye, insurance said they were paying no more and my sister and I had to find my dad a place to stay.  He is only 62 and I refused to put him in a home surrounded by people much, much older than him who could hardly function.  I called Donna and she took care of me right away.  The first places we looked at weren't right for him, so she took the time to look some more to find the ideal place.  She was so kind and comforting through the whole process.  I can't imagine what we would have done if we hadn't found her!  I can never thank her enough for what she did to help get my dad to a place that suits his needs.  I will be forever grateful! Krista Stoutner 

Donna was recommended to my family to help relocate my Mom from a Retirement Center to an Assisted Living Memory Care place.  She listened to our concerns and worked closely with us to find the best place.  She only suggested places that she would be comfortable putting one of her family members in.  This was  such a hard time for me and she listened to me as if she was one of my best friends.  I highly recommend using her when it comes time to move a loved one to Assisted Living.  Karen Hunter

Donna and staff were most helpful in locating multiple options that fit our budget when it was time to find my mother a safer and more appropriate place to live. We settled on a facility very close by that can accommodate her needs and she seems genuinely happy there. I appreciate her efforts and continued interest in my mother’s wellbeing. Eric B.

The task of finding the right place for a loved one suffering from Alzheimers is sad, guilt-ridden, lonely and uncertain.  Most of us don't know what makes a place and its people right.  Donna Composto understands.  She listens, asks good questions without being intrusive and knows the market.  She's efficient and she communicates well.  I had looked for the right place for my wife for a long time to no avail when I found Donna.  She helped me find the right place for my wife.  I'm very grateful.  Anonymous 

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