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Personal Care Homes Houston - Residential Care Homes

Personal Care Homes are smaller, home-like environment (usually 6-10 residents)  generally located in a quiet residential neighborhood that provides supervision and help for seniors with basic personal tasks of everyday life. A caregiver is available both day and night to assist residents with activities of daily living to include medication management, transferring, bathing, grooming, dressing and restroom/incontinence Personal Care Homes Houstoncare.  In addition, caregivers perform household tasks such as cooking, housekeeping and laundry.  While personal care homes Houston are a brand new option for most adult children today, this unique care environment has been around for many years.  Also known as residential care homes, adult foster care and group homes.  It’s unfortunate that the image of homes from years ago and even some today have left a bad taste for many families. Over the last 10 years, this unique care environment has truly evolved into a professional and much-desired option for seniors. It is ideal for someone who enjoys a quieter setting, prefers socializing with fewer people (as opposed to a larger assisted living) or needs a high acuity of care. Feeding tubes, diabetic injections, colostomy care routine daily care. When you think about the type of intimate services being provided, there is something to be said for seeing the same familiar face each time and knowing your caregiver's name. There is even a select group of homes that specialize in caring for those with specific health challenges such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. This family like supportive atmosphere has given many younger adults with mental health disorders the opportunity to live successfully in residential care rather than a facility.

Personal care homes with 4 or more residents must be licensed by the state.  There are two types of licenses – Type A and Type B. 

Type A: Routinely accommodates residents who are ambulatory and are able to self-evacuate in the event of fire or who can evacuate in 13 minutes or less with minimal assistance. The resident must be able to walk using a cane, or walker, if necessary, or may use a wheelchair if able to transfer themselves and propel themselves throughout the home.

Type B: Accommodates the resident who may need assistance eating or transferring to a wheelchair. These homes must have overhead sprinkler systems and may enroll residents who are bedridden or wheelchair-bound.

Mom’s Care Plan has a list of outstanding personal care homes throughout the greater Houston area.  Call us at 281-682-3727 or contact us and we will help you with options in your neighborhood that are the best fit for your loved one.

Mom’s Care Plan is a FREE service to families as we are compensated by senior living communities throughout Houston Texas.

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